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Abundant fishing


Interested in indulging in a lazy afternoon ? It’s time to chill out! Pass the time with a leisurely cruise. From the coast of Crystal Rock and Benetiers Island to Paradise Lagoon, there are plenty of places to relax, swim or fish. We’ll show you our favorite spot and leave it to you to discover the miraculous flora and fauna.

No need to pack too much – we’ll provide flippers, masks and snorkels, along with all equipment necessary if you decide to fish. We’ll celebrate at the end of the afternoon with a well-deserved aperitif (local snacks known as “gadjacks” and something to sip), to whet your appetite and prepare for the beautiful night ahead.

We’ll return around 18h, when everything is bathed in a golden light, just in time to reach the beach and watch the sunset.


   Sébastien: (+230) 5 774 2325

        Sébastien: (+230) 5 988 8970


Rivière Noire, Ile Maurice

Board the Love Mauritius boat at the end of the path to the sea, located 30m after the Bus Stop on the “Nautica” side, after “Le Ruisseau Créole”, towards the Black River (Rivière Noire). You can park your car at the entrance of the path.


Useful information


From 13h to 18h
Up to 6 passengers (4 max for deep sea fishing)
Complimentary drinks Complimentary aperitif


12 000 Rs
around 300


What a dream day! Here’s what they had in store for our private group of 6:
spending time with the dolphins, snorkeling in the lagoon, Crystal Rock, lunch and
fishing on the way back. An unforgettable day, full of magical moments with a competent, friendly
and attentive crew. The boat is very comfortable and fast. Drinks and snacks on board.
The fishing session thrilled the teenagers. An exclusive service with an excellent cost/value ratio.
If you’re choosing a guide service for a day, without hesitation, go for it !